Support for foreign staff

Support systems

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We have dedicated staff working in our office to support our foreign staff. Mrs. Marisa Sato, a Filipina, has lived in Japan for a long time and has worked at the Immigration Bureau. She supports our foreign staff to create a comfortable environment where both foreign and Japanese staff can respect each other and enjoy working together.

Job Training

Job training

  • Facility leaders provide daily educational guidance.
  • Work will be set up according to the Japanese language level and caregiving skill of the foreign staff.
  • The facility director conducts interviews twice a year to discuss any work related issues or concerns that the foreign staff might have.
Mentor System

Mentor System

  • In-house HR Staff will conduct an interview every three months.
Japanese Lesson

Japanese lesson

  • In-house Japanese lessons are available for free.


  • We will change your visa to SSW visa.
  • For Filipinos
    We will file the POLO application for you.